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Hypo symptoms ... something else?

Have all the classic signs/symptoms of Hypothyroidism particularly weight gain, excessive tiredness, really bad headaches, pins and needles and digestive problems plus many of the other signs/symptoms as well.

Have had blood tests done and the only thyroid tests were TSH level (1.1) and free T4 level (13) which are within normal range.

My work is paint spraying using (more recently) isocyanates and the symptoms for isocyanate poisoning are mainly asthma related so i was wondering if anyone here works in similar enviroment or knows of any occurence where hypothyroidism symptoms/signs were found to be something else.

Have been in my present job for 30 years and have had the symptoms for most of my (adult) life (now 59) but they are increasingly worsening.

I am enquiring as to having the appropriate tests for isocyanate exposure however what little information i have been able to find there is nothing i can see that shows the same symptoms as Hypothyroidism.

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Environmental toxins, mercury fillings, bpa from plastic bottles and white fillings, glyphosate Roundup Monsanto weed killer, etc, etc... will all have varying degrees of impact on the health and function of your hormonal system, respiratory system, heart, arteries, brain function, memory, cognitive ability, immune system, auto-immune system, organs, etc.

What we consume through what we breathe, eat, drink and absorb via our skin, will all have an impact on our wellbeing.

I hope you receive other replies to help you progress with your health issues.


Thanks Londinium

What garnered my attention to Hypothyroidism was the weight gain. Although there are many possible other conditions, if they involve weight it appears to be that folk are losing it rather than putting it on.

I eat a fairly good diet, plenty of the right foods, sometimes maybe to much fruit, veg and salad and my job is very active though i could do with more exercise.

I went from around 147 pounds to hovering around the 165 pound mark and it increased over a fairly quick period and has remained in the 160's for at least the last four years despite several different attempts at losing it.

Is weight gain generally all over or area specific as mine is around the stomach/midriff and face?


From your initial post I gathered that you were concerned about thyroid illness being a possible result of your working environment. That is why I answered in the way that I did. Regardless of what you think is a good diet, you said yourself that your working environment has involved long exposure to chemicals. And yes, it can include difficulty in losing weight, and having a puffy face and features.

You can start researching your concerns via the following site - here's one paper from the site.


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