quackery? since when are they forking out for homeopathy

independent.co.uk/voices/nh... homeopathy works where mainstream doesn't, we have been down thi sroad before-google royal London integrated hosp and FREINDS OFHOMEOPATHY ROYAL LONDON. IT has saevd

lives where mainstream haven't- there are plenty of ways to save money-- I had two posts of med in the chemist bag, I looked at it OUTSIDE the door and went back in- I gave the surplus pot back - she couldn't take it as I had left the shop ! it was sealed for

Gods sake-- it would have been binned! this is happening everywhere, and to give suncream on prescript and fishoils on nhs well we must buy our own- collect bills from health tourists, what about the bird who had a large boob job to be a model--- whatabout agencies fees when they don't haveto do that... it is all wasted and spent wrongly. LEAVE HOMEOPATHY ALONE. now I haveto findthe journalist who wrote that report and rollock him/her!

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  • I find it remarkable that just because a doctor has also studied homeopathy or has some respect for homeopathy, some people are instantly closed-minded about that doctor and label the doctor as a "quack".

    The quacks are those doctors who are not open minded to anything else after they have qualified in medicine.

    The quacks are the closed-minded doctors that I have consulted who failed to correctly diagnose and treat me.

    The quacks are those, like the owner of my GP practice, who ignorantly thinks that I get sufficient Vit D from the sunshine. I asked, "what sunshine from autumn to spring? And what sunshine, if most of my body is covered on the very few days of summer that are very sunny?" She also denied that I have osteoporosis, which is what my previous quack surgery practice also did. Because I dared challenge her on Vit D, and I stated that I have had at least two Dexa bone density scan which showed full blown osteoporosis, she then smeared me in my own medical records. She is a quack - unprofessional, closed-minded and ignorant.

    The doctors who qualify in medicine, and then go on to study osteopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy, kinesiology, etc, have at least remained open-minded and questioning. They are not the quacks.

    It is the conservative orthodoxy doctors who indignantly refuse to go on to study any other practice and even refuse to stay up to date on their own practices that are the quacks. It is easier for these uninterested orthodoxy doctors to smear the progressive doctors who are at least attempting to remain fresh, open-minded and questioning individuals.

    According to my experience, the conservative orthodoxy doctors have some degree of ignorance and jealousy towards the progressive and questioning doctors. And that is why they smear them as quacks. It's called projection.

  • homeopathy works for me and kineioslgy works for me,i was myself a complementary therapist and I was booked up all the time, if the therapies had not have worked or been useless the clients would not have come back.

  • BTW anyone who gets a visa to enter the ,even as a tourist or a performer (eg band member on tour), for as little as a month has to pay 200 to the NHS for health insurane. If they don't do it, they have to pay the fee.

    I agree thatwe have no idea how ro why homeopathy works, as with the current level of scientific knowledge it is impossible - but it works on animals who don't know that. Once we didn't know how scurvy worked - you just fell apart because g-d willed it. Then we found citrus fruits but didn't know why they worked - then vitamin C was discovered. Just because we don't know how, doesn't mean it's magic or rubbish. It just means we don't know.

  • Roger Daltrey took his baby from doctor to doctor. The baby was eventually helped by a homeopath that he looked up. I remember him talking about it some years ago.

    Of course, it kills the conservative orthodoxy doctors to hear this. 😡 Drives them nuts 😡 cos they're brainwashed to believe that only synthetic chemicals will save us from every affliction.


  • only when people have found standard medical practice wanting and found a true homeopath who actually knew what was wrong and knew how to treat it these people would not write articles condeming something they do not understand

    I quite literally would be dead if i had not sought out a homeopath over 30 years ago

    i had been thrown out of numerous doctors and consultants not one of them knew or cared what was wrong yet all it took was 10 minutes if a very talented Homeopath who knew every single one of 50 symptoms and what was wrong

  • same here really fed up and londinium, it saved me as well, it really annoys me when people judge especially when they are healthy and do not need and meds of any sort, hoomeopathy has saved many lives Roger daltrys son for a start and FRiends of homeopathy in royal London integrated ha sthe proof

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