b12 deficiency and how doctors don't understand


this explains what symptoms and how doctors don't test for mma and high homocysteine to detect low function even when levels are 'normal' I am going to copy n paste this article and post to D. O. H. no doubt they would savemoney treating peoplewith b12 instead of costly elsewhere - psycho tests and anti- d's!

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  • An excellent article - thank you for posting Bluepetals.

    Indian doctors are much more knowledgeable about of the complex symptoms of B12 deficiency having seen them in Hindu vegan/vegetarians.

    GPs here are generally more rigid about diagnosing only on test results - latest BMJ research states that there is, in fact, no gold standard test for PA/B12 deficiency and it is the clinical condition and symptoms of the patient that are important......

  • a simple remedy, lack of causes all neuro diseases , DOH are blind, doctors are blind and ego stricken and don't want to learn anymore than their med school days , shame more don't getsick they would know what its like! look at poor dr david carr!

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