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Results in ?? Increase Estroil ? Decrease Progesterone ?? or Both ??

Hi All..

Just got my Saliva tests in !!,

I am post meno... due to hysterectomy (ovaries removed) years ago :-(

Currently on Estroil 0.375 mg/day , Progesterone 25 mg/day both creams

Estradoil = 1.02 pg/ml(Post Meno Range 1.01-2.56)

Progesterone = 579.0 pg/ml (Post Meno Range 51.0 - 210.0)

Pg/E Ratio = 568 pg/ml

Recently increase the Estroil to 0.5 mg/day and Progesterone 30 mg/day..

Now feeling worse, depressed, fatigue, dizzy head and cannot stop crying...wasn't brilliant before but better than this

Do I need to reduce Progest ? Increase Estroil ? Do both or neither..


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I'm sorry you've had no replies. Feel free to repost your question. Click on My Communities and +Browse Communities and type "hysterectomy" into the search box to see whether there are communities more suitable for your question.


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