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Hoping to start t3

Hi everyone who gave me advice earlier. My appointment went really well today seeing an endocrinologist for the first time. He is going to write to my GP advising me to try T3 alongside my levothyroxine. Fingers crossed the GP gives it the go ahead. He also warned me that I may have a battle ahead with the GP allowing me to be prescribed it. He was very understanding and helpful.

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I am surprised your endocrinologist didn't give you a prescription

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Grannycake, you took the words out of my mouth! The endo has the authority to write 'scripts, why didn't he write one?! Just what I was thinking.

Now the GP will wonder why the Endo didn't take the mythical "risk" and that will make him nervous. I had an Endo who wouldn't measure D3, Folate, B12, etc etc. I asked him why not and he said that if I was found to be deficient in any of those then he would be responsible for fixing that deficit!!!! Well duh, no, I will fix it with a supplement or food containing that vitamin. Oh, gosh, what a stupid nightmare.


Hi, sorry for the late reply, it was a private endo, not an NHS one, is that why he didn't write me a prescription maybe? As wouldn't it cost me a fortune for a private prescription? Thanks


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