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Is a crowd funding site where we could raise money silly idea. £1 each minimum tofund research for efficacy of liothyronine

Hi I would pay towards research to prove we can't live without liothyronine. That thyroxine doesn't work for many many people.

My family members and friends would donate.

Sorry if it's been tried. Or I am being silly. How much would we need to raise. Would drug companies with vested interest Co fund. And what does NHS say about the fact they are being overcharged for drug. Why doesn't monopoly laws come into force. Or is it cartels or something.

Thanx. Feel free to tell me. Old news silly girl


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oldestnewest could complete this from the link on jimh111 post -

I have and it didn't cost a thing. I think you need many hundred of thousands ( not cake decorations or I'd donate them ) to do a double blind test and if the cohort wasn't big enough it would just get poo pooh'd by the same old sadists who say levo for all... :(

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