hair/regaine help needed here

I bought some boots- equivalent to regaine for my disappearing hair, butsince then I have horrible prsistant dry scalp which flakes off and I have NEVER had dandruff, iam horrified, I have tried niazoral and head n shoulders, any idea what and why and whats next- I cant have this, I never put product on as I don't want to stress the delicate 3 strands that are left, but I cannot have this crapflaking off it has to go,

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  • The foam is meant to be more gentle than the liquid, which I believe is alcohol-based. I would try the foam if you want to continue to use it. And maybe a moisturising treatment for your scalp once a week or so, something like coconut oil left on the scalp for 5-10mins before washing.

  • it was foam but boots make, get really fed up withhair lark- pay to keep hair- pay to have wigs- pay to get well pay out al the bloody time..

  • You may want to try the Regaine brand and see if it suits better.

    Is your t3 level good? My hair only came back after taking t3.

  • yes and I buy armour

  • So you're on a good dose of Armour that raises your t3 to the upper quarter of the range? If so you may need to look further afield. Sex hormones maybe. A trichologist?

  • yes I am out of money now I am afraid spent tons an dtons for ansers and only private will test for sex hormones.

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