'evidence based'- for a change it is natural plant based evidence


makes a change to see this doesn't it- and I thought the NHS crisis -and who profits from who? greedy drug companies overcharge NHS for drugs so doctors wont prescribe, so we go to alternative and that is outlawed and poo poooed, all natural stuff is non profit making so whennatural stuff works, we should boycott the drugs company, thatis why they want it killed the natural industry-- wellt hey would soon sit up if we used natural instead of and bring their greedy prices down!

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  • Yes but note the evidence of liver damage.

  • am I missing something here then?

  • See last sentence under 8 . Clearly good for topical use( currently using aloe vera toothpaste) but may be bad if ingested .I took it for gut issues once .Has that caused the liver damage? The doc said alcohol .I like wine etc but am a long way from being alcoholic and I am now wondering if it was the aloe vera .

    Many herbal / natural remedies can be harmful if used wrongly or in excess. A natural pharmacoepia is not without dangers.

  • maybe it was the toothpaste that shouldn't be ingested

  • A recent purchase only.

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