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I've just read on BBC news that Liothyronine is one of 10 items that is going to be stopped via NHS subscriptions.

The list of ten items, which include suncream and simple painkillers are being referred to as 'low value items'. They've thrown in one or two items such as Lio and Fentanyl - a drug to treat terminally ill patients on the grounds that there are cheaper and more effective alternatives. Link below.

I've fought for three years to get my meds sorted following total thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer. My prescription comes from my endo who has established that I do not respond to Levothyroxine.

Words fail me.

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I wonder what they think the alternative to liothyronine is? If they say Levothyroxine I'm going to bang my head up the wall 😂


Yes, levo.

Vast majority of patients controlled on much cheaper Levothyroxine.

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Too bad about the significant minority who don't do well on much cheaper Levothyroxine :x

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It's not about 'doing well'. It's about 'being controlled'. As long as levo gets your numbers into range, your treatment box can be ticked and off you go... until the numbers say you're overdosed :x


It is Levo. I will join you in the head-banging.

I'm curious about what criteria they've applied. They distribute free condoms and contraceptive pills (not even a prescription charge).

I'm losing the will to live


I'm sure a load of 'scientists' have performed one of their 'group studies' and come to this conclusion!

Thing is, these studies are never conducted on those with autoimmune thyroiditis!

Levothyroxine is an absolute joke. But it makes our bloods look ok and that's good enough for the 'specialists'!

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I'm looking for a wall too ....but I'll not bang my head off it as it's got a lot of lesions so I'll not make that worse 😂

I've Hashi thyroiditis too but I'm wondering how that makes taking (the wonderful) Levo ineffective a different way to hypothyroidism??? I'm sure I'm missing something ???

My bloods show 'all within normal range' which I know is a broad range of ok'ness.

I've a completely atrophied left side Thyroid and large suspect nodules on the right. I'm having FNA on the largest every 6 months......when I remind them to send for me!

TBH I'm sick to death of all the detective work I didn't sign up for but such is my lack of faith in all my doctors/consultants/specialist I feel I've no choice but to take my health (brain included) into my own hands ..... exhausting😳

AND ......if one more medic even suggests anxiety I will actually be anxious !!! 😫

Info on Levo for Hashi v Levo for Hypo would be wonderful please 😁


Sorry it's me again. I've shelved it all and felt normal and relaxed for a few months (instead of the Sherlock and Watson tedium) but I'm going now to another Endo whom I'm reliably told is a functional medicine guy.

Do you folks think this is worth my while ?

Btw I've also got the expense of going to London to a Neuro (flights accommodation etcetc ) for another opinion and please God a diagnosis on my brain lesions so......budget and stretching y'know !!!

Btw has anyone heard of Hashi/Hypo being triggered by a pre delivery Pre eclampsia (birth of first son - he's now 33). Could Hypo and high BP be as a result ?


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