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Can someone please help

Hi im 43 and over a year ago i was told i had an under active throrid and high colesrol but was given no medication now ive been told i still have these but also a servere high level of triscrides i think its called , my gp isnt the best and for 3 years ive had a swollen belly like im ready to give birth its not water retension , ive suffered with server pain and problemz with my belly since 1999 when i had a emergancy section then a few years later needed a,full hysterectomy , ive been told i could have what they call a fatty liver does anyone know how long left untreated it takes before it can become life threatening i dnt drink at all only coffee ect and its not my,diet as i cant,eat food ive been on special drinks for last,5 years my gp told my cpn (support worker) he hasnt ever known any one qith such high levels if tristirides norm lev is 0-1 mine is 12 also i now high serverly high colestrol i feel these are the cause of my pain an swollen belly so chances are ive had these high levels for a few years he has,said he is goin to talk to the cardiac ppl as im at risk of heart issues and then refere me to leeds for tests im guessing to see if i defo have fatty liver altho we all kno its more likely i do so has anyone else been thru or goin thru owt simular i feel so alone and i havent been given any facts on any of this much thanks

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Why isn't he treating your under-active thyroid? That's probably the root of all your problems. High cholesterol and triclycerides don't make you ill, don't cause bloated stomach and don't cause pain. Under-active thyroid does - plus under-active thyroid causes high cholesterol.

Do you mind me asking what is in these special drinks you live on? Do they contain soy or artificial sweeteners? Because if they do, they could be causing you problems.

I think you should ask your doctor for a new thyroid test - asap - with TSH, FT4 at the least, and FT3 if possible. Your under-active thyroid should not have been left untreated!


Hi lilmisskathy can I ask why they have not given you any medication for your under active thyroid if you were diagnosed a year ago,you should be asking what your gp is going to do about this as this can make you feel very unwell.being hypo can have an impact on your cholesterol levels and on your liver as many will tell you on here but doctor's don't seem to know these things as they are not very knowledgeable when it come to the thyroid. hope all goes well with the hospital and you get some answers .


Expect you have had heaps of dietary advice - I cut down my chloresterol by cutting down

on cheese and fats. Look at MD Gundry's website a former cardiac surgeon who recommends

cutting down on lectins, soya food, and eating dark green vegetables such as kale and


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Change your doctor!

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