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Would appreciate some advice

Hi there, I would appreciate some advice with regards to my journey with t3 only. I am on 125mcg with suspected resistance. For such a large dose things have been surprisingly uneventful. I do feel better than before however. Im inclined to believe my tolerance of this dose implies i do have impaired sensitivity to th however as of yesterday i did have a fast pulse of 100. Although i did decrease my dose to 100mcg, and had a glass of milk 30 mins beforehand which may have reduced the intake further. I also took the dose too early as i took it at a time when my cortisol is low. Could this be responsible for the fast resting heart rate and why my symptoms felt worse. Or perhaps im overmedicated, any advice ?

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There isn't supposed to be an eventful occurrence. It takes time to absorb and metabolise thyroid hormone and even though you are taking a high dose you've only been taking it for a month. If you are feeling improvement already that is a good thing. It can take up to six weeks to feel the full impact of a dose which is why rapid dose increases are not recommended. See the dry sponge analogy in this link

T3 levels build up so it is possible that you have become overmedicated. I don't have experience of thyroid hormone resistance so I can't advise other than to suggest you continue working with the doctor who diagnosed you.


I see, this makes more sense. My pulse is in the low 80s today so perhaps i was adjusting to the dose increases. Thanks!


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