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Pleased with Medichecks kit


Just done my first finger-prick test. As I haven't done my own tests with any other companies I have nothing to compare the process to, but I was very relieved that for just two small tubes I received 4 lancets, so plenty of margin for error, which reduced the pressure! (I used 2, for the record :) ) Straightforward instructions, a handy little holder for the tubes while you take the samples, return post-paid envelope included (though I opted to pay extra for guaranteed next-day delivery as we are semi-rural). All in all it was a simple process.

Just thought it might reassure people to hear this, though other companies may be equally good.

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Yes, I completely agree. I did my first Medichecks test last week and it was a lot easier than expected. I still had 4 lancets to use even though I only had to fill one small tube.

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