Does your skin take forever to recover from a burn?

Does your skin take forever to recover from a burn?

Whilst doing some light cooking on Saturday I managed to graze the side of my arm on a frying pan. I didn't touch the pan for longer than a second or two and now I've nasty deep burn mark. I kept my arm in cold water for over an hour and I've been applying aloe vera gel but it doesn't seem to be having much effect. In the past any graze or cut has taken forever to heal and scars can take at least a year to completely go. My skin doesn't react well to sunlight either.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to get this healed and the resulting scar to go as quickly as possible? Apologies for the graphic photo.

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  • Wow, that looks really nasty and painful!

    I don't have any particular advice on how to speed healing, but I did want to suggest that you avoid this stuff like the plague :

    I used it on a burn, not a particularly bad one, and it got infected. When it healed it left a scar. When I've used more conventional bandages and sticking plasters to protect burns while they heal I have never had a problem with infection.

  • Yes its definitely worse than it should have been given what actually happened. My mum on the other hand often burns her arms but its never near as bad as this.

    Thank you humanbean I will give that stuff a wide berth!

  • As recommended in your article, I've managed to get some homeopathic calendula which I'm now applying. Thanks again 👍

  • I hope it helps. :)

  • There is a section entitled "Nutrition and Dietary Supplements" followed by a section on herbs on this page about treating burns :

    It might be worth researching the suggestions.

  • That's a very interesting link, thank you.

  • Hi

    Yes I had one very similar a few months ago from cooking, it was really bad, took ages to heal and I still have the scar.

    I also get odd little patches of marks on skin on my hands and arms that start to itch and when I scratch the skin breaks open and takes forever to heal. When it eventually heals, it can start to itch again weeks later and breaks open again, not sure what this is but I have had since hypo. diagnoses.

  • I also get polymorphic light eruption and when I last got it in the summer my skin has never fully healed. It turns into an eczema like rash and comes and goes. Your rash sounds similar to mine in some ways. It weeps at times. I've been like this for many years but it's been especially bad in the last year or so.

  • Hi Serendipitious that nasty burn looks just how my skin heals and by coincidence I burnt my finger on the oven shelf last Sunday. This burn is healing quicker than they have been doing for the past 7 years since change of Levothyroxine (see my posts). The skin did not break and it has almost cleared. Other spots and marks are like lucylocks describes, but are also gradually clearing. I hope this now means that my skin is improving. Hope your burn heals well, but am afraid I cannot be of help. My skin problems are all down to Mercury Pharma Levothyroxine.

  • That's interesting. I've also got Mercury Pharma and Actavis Levothyroxine. I've got a good few months supply so I'll see if I can just use the Actavis version. I'll also have a read of your older posts.

    The other thing is that I'm currently undermedicated which doesn't help. I've tried T3 but it gave me insomnia so I've just upped my Levo today from 75mcg to 100mcg. Let's see what happens. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  • Two weeks after Christmas I had two blisters on the top of my feet caused by a hot water bottle, I had thick socks on and the bottle had a fleece cover on. I was shocked as I couldn't feel them burning. One blister burst and took three weeks to heal and I still have the scars. I've also had a bruise from a blood test that took nearly three weeks to fade.

  • Gosh that sounds awful. I've been a regular hot water bottle user in the past and I've used it without its fleece and that has never happened to me but I'll be a bit more mindful in future. I also bruise easily but thankfully not after a blood draw. I hope you're alright.

  • Thank you Serendipitious, once burnt twice shy!

  • Haha yes that is so true! I'm extra cautious now when I'm in the kitchen.

    Having said that, I still managed to scald my finger today, but it's minor and nowhere near as bad as my arm. Maybe I'm just a little clumsy ☺️

  • I´ve always healed very slowly when cutting or burning myself. Doctor told me to eat extra protein after c-section to help healing, as it was taking longer than for most people.

  • I've been eating a lot more protein in the last 6 months or so. I make sure I have protein, carbs, veggies and fat with each meal. Let's hope this helps. All the best to you!

  • Ouch! Burns, cuts, bruises - they all heal slowly and leave marks on my skin. Like a diary: Dinner party burn 2001/hot wax accident 2005/ingrown hair mark last century: it's all still there. Here's what I found helps: Boots Burn Plaster. They do a bandage with a separate liquid that you use right away, then the plasters to encourage healing. I also use good lavender essential oil, soon and often. When the wound has healed I use up skincare with retinols, acids or vit c that didn't work for my face to reduce discoloration and encourage smooth scar tissue. Full or partial baths with a lot of sea salt/dead sea salt in the early stages are another option.

    Or say you are a great chef and wear the scar with pride ;-)

    Good luck!

  • I've had a few mishaps with hot wax and because my skin takes forever to heal I've stopped using it in favour of an epilator. However, that sometimes comes with its own issues.

    Come to think of it I've also got some skincare with vitamin C and other ingredients to fade marks which I've forgotten about. I will consider using it on old marks.

    That's the challenge of delicate skin, it reacts easily and even the smallest thing will leave a scar or a mark. Then we use other products to reduce those marks which probably makes our skin more susceptible to damage. I really envy people with resilient skin. Thanks for all the tips though!

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