channel 38 freeview QUEST RED, tv tonite I was SHOCKED

in a remote poor part of brazil two babies, one 18 month old toddler plays outside the shack where she lives while the other baby sits and watches holding a doll--- normal eh? the toddler is normal but the baby who sits, looking like an age'd 2 year old was 31 YEARS OLD !!!!

she was born with congenital hypothyroidism and left untreated, so had no mental function or hair, the skin on feet /hands,looked lined and she had tons of cholesterol buildup in her body thru no hormones... the doctor who eventually she was taken to, ( cant rememberhow she got to the doctor) but she has been given a growth hormone, may grow a bit but all too late for a normallife.. she had no hormones at all.

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  • That is so so sad.

  • I think it's important to understand that this family are very lovinf and had no access to dr's or knowledge of hypothyroidism. She is loved and very well cared for. In her culture, everyone takes care of each other in small villages. Please see link about her progress. The original story on youtube was aired 6 years ago. thanks.


  • trying the link again. if it doesn't work you can find it on youtube

  • OHMN1 , please understand that I am NOT blaming the family ! I am totally aware

    that these cultures look after each other, I know they are poor and have no access to doctors. I know they were a loving family, that was plain enough to see, my whole

    point is----- I was shocked at the devastation that can happen with NO hormones and NO treatment with congenital hypothyroid and the fact that the poor girls life was ruined- thru no fault the family I want to make that quite clear.

  • I know I just wanted to catch people up witha bit more. I do alot of medical work specifically in south and central america.

  • It's also important to know that what you see in sensationalized reports is not always the whole truth. Genetics had a lot to do with this as well, thyroid was not the main issue.

  • believe it or not, she is very happy and doesn't feel like her life was ruined at all.

  • thankyou for your answers but yu are still missing my point, respectfully, you do medical work abroad, that Is irrelevant to the point that I was making of what can happen to someone- anyone- here or abroad if they have no hormones or are not treated, or have, as she did, congenital hypo T, unfortunately she would know no other life as to what she has, so how could she compare? and I know it can be thru genes, congenital speaks for itself? and what is to be seen is seen isn't it?

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