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Blood Results - Help Interpreting them please

My doctor, as normal, says my thyroid results are normal with some slight elevation in one and slight depression in others but "to be expected". Please could you advise whether you think I should consider upping meds to get within higher range of average.

Going by Normal ranges from ThyroidUK website and not by the normal range of my GP surgery:

TSH s/b 0.4 - 4.5 - mine is 0.8

TT4 s/b 50-160 - mine unknown as GP didn't know what this was!!!

FT4 s/b 10-24 - mine is 26.5

FT3 s/b 4-8.3 - mine is 5.2

Ferratin - mine is 103.8

Folate - mine is 53

Vit D - mine is 68

B12 - mine is 597

I look forward to receiving a response. My symptoms at the moment are irritability and depression and brain fog (but have had worse) and anxiety. I also have a round face (today). And, I have noticed that selfie pictures of myself I seem to have large eyes. They look odd.



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You need to post the thyroid results and ranges from your GP practice's lab. You can't mix and match results from one lab with ranges from another lab. It is important to know where in the range your results are.

TSH 0.8 is good. FT4 26.5 is probably over range. FT3 5.2 is usually within range. Read Treatment Options in Irritability and anxiety can be due to over medication. You could reduce dose by 12.5mcg to 25mcg daily to see whether irritability and anxiety improve.

Ferritin is optimal halfway through range but >100 is usually fine.

VitD is optimal >75nmol/L and most people are comfortable around 100nmol/L. If you are able to get sun on your face, arms and legs for a few hours a week your vitD should improve. If not, I would supplement 1,000iu D3 daily and take it 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.

B12 and folate are fine.


Thanks for interpreting my results. I forgot to ask for the lab result print out but I will do that now, by email. I was wondering if the irritability was nothing to do with the thyroid but more to do with the slightly low VitD since I am aching and tired and slightly depressed (not helped by the fact my husband has autoimmune disease too). So, it seems that apart from needing perhaps an extra VitD tablet in the mix I also need a bit of folic acid too. I understand that heart disease problems can benefit from optimal VitD too. So, I won't be over doing it. Thanks again.



I've never heard that low vitD causes irritability. 68nmol/L isn't very low so I doubt that will cause fatigue or pain.

Folate 53 is very good. You don't need folic acid.


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