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Follow up after seeing specialist / T3


The Endo. Doctor I saw on Friday has written me up for a trial of T3 after reviewing my results. I have a feeling that I will not be able to get a supply from the NHS after my trial as it might be withheld due to costs.

How to I get a private reply I have been reading about problems that others have had getting supplies from abroad and being able to pay for them . Has anyone tried Canada for using on NHS private prescription or elsewhere if it is my only option.

Thank you for your help so far the confidence and knowledge that I have gained from this site has helped me fight my case for a trial of T3.

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Is it a NHS or private endo who is trialling you on T3?



It is a private Endo I have paid to see but I was sent via my Doctor.



Some CCGs insist on any endo recommending T3 before a GP can prescribe it but others insist it must be an NHS endo.

If your GP won't provide a NHS prescription for T3 write a new post asking members to send you a private message recommend sources where T3 can be obtained without prescription.


Thank you Clutter, it will take a few days for a letter to get back to my GP from the endo and then I might know more. The endo works for the NHS as well as seeing private patients.


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