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Advice please

Latest bloods tsh 0.07 (0.39-5.00) T4 12.1 (11.00-22.00) Gp Didn't Check T3. I'm on 2 grains of ndt and have had really bad anxiety the last few weeks with low mood nausea and weight loss.also an internal vibration fluttery sensation.i had lowish iron in jan but been supplementing.I feel really low and unwell ended up in a&e yesterday with chest pain dr had advised I stop ndt for a few days to see if I feel an inproovment.

I have done a cortisol test last week so waiting on them results.

Just don't know what to do been on ndt for years and never experienced anything like this.

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It's possible that FT3 is too high which could cause anxiety and weightloss. You can order a private thyroid test via Make sure you take NDT after your blood test.


Would you stop meds for a few days or will I make the problem worse.hosp did t3 yest and are forwarding results to gp



You could skip a couple of doses to see whether symptoms improve.

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