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I joined the site a couple of weeks ago shortly after my diagnosis, the advice and tips are amazing I've started buying gluten free and whilst I'm not completely gluten free yet I'm working on it, which encourages me to eat clean, I've read thought my exercise regime I'm now walking instead of running and plan to take up yoga i make sure i take my multivitamin everyday! The levo kicked in for me within days and the brain fog lifted and I've woken before my alarm every morning since i started it, my body still aches and muscles still feel very fatigued but I can feel my old self emerging. I know I am probably one of the lucky ones judging by what I'm reading on here but because of the great advice and tips i feel like i can take some control back in my life and give my struggling body all the help i can.

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  • Your previous posts mention that your TSH was 40 on diagnosis and your fT4 was low. I've noticed that patients who are diagnosed with a high TSH usually do very well. Those of us who are diagnosed with a lower TSH usually struggle, I suspect because the hypothyroidism is not primarily due to a failing thyroid gland. Your doctor was spot on in starting you on 100 mcg, this is the modern approach, there's no point in delaying recovery unless the patient is elderly or has a heart condition. You may need one or two small dose increases at some point as your thyroid finally gives up. You will probably find that in the long term you don't need any special diets and can gradually work up to a full exercise regime.

  • Thank you! I really appreciate this site! The help advice guidance and kindness is a massive support!

  • Many people do recover on levothyroxine and when you reach an optimum level (ie that GP doesn't stop increasing dose due to your TSH alone) which means you feel back to normal health . I'm glad it seems to suit you which is good.

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