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Told to take 5 pills of 112mcg Levothyroxin at one time by doc and im pregnant!

I was on 60 mcgs of Armour Thyroid for only 15 days and my levels went down from 159 to 23. I thought wow...this is going pretty well. But then my family doc said I should really see an Endocrinologist because of my starting level. OB said not to worry about baby because my free t4 was within range and thats what matters more.

Endocrinologist couldnt have disagreed more. He wants to switch my meds to levothyroxin and have me on 112 mcgs. He recommended a drastic approach of consuming 5 pills immediately...then 1 a day. I will be honest, Im scared to take that much at once...esp being pregnant. Should I trust his judgement?

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What were your last FT3 & FT4 results (with ranges) on Armour?


Ft3 213 (80-220)

Ft4 0.9 (0.6-1.6)


Are you sure that's a Free T3? The range looks more like a Total. If it's total, then it's useless, doesn't give you any helpful information.



I would trust the endocrinologist. He is trying to get your FT4 up and TSH down quickly because TSH >2.5 increases the risk of miscarriage. It's recommended that the TSH of pregnant women during 1st trimester should be 0.4 - 2.5.


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