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Is this pooling

May 16 had blood tests as feeling yuk

T4 was 7.3pmol TSH very low dr told me to drop NDT Didn't have t3 done!

Was on NDT 3.5 grains dropped to 2.5 Grains

Tested at may /June 16 t4 came to 8.3 pmol and t3 2.3 still feeling like rubbish!

June 16. Gp put me on t3 in June 16 as I'd feeling terrible for several months

Prior to that I'd been on NDT for

6months ( bloods were ok maybe alittle high (prior to deterioration)prior to t3 and had done well for 6months!but had a stressful time prior !

Started on 5mg t3 long acting bd for 6weeks felt shocking but he was determined to go slow he let me go upto 30mg daily by December 16 my t3 was 4.3 pmol and I still felt like rubbish and he said I should "have a holiday " decided to go alone as I'd only had 6 good weeks that year

So I turned it around and tried to go back on NDT as (get medication from him was like pulling teeth and since I've hardly worked this year I didn't need a holiday )slowish and had 6 great weeks after commencing NDT !

But almost like clock work 6 weeks or so and I fall in a hole!

This has happened several times over the last 18months !

Do I need to keep the NDT lower ?

Could it be adrenal issues?

Dr says my irons fine V d ok take thyroid support etc

Currently I've been in bed 6 weeks for upto 20 hrs!

Help please any advice appreciated!

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Never never never go on your doctor saying iron and vitamin D results are OK. Get the actual test result and range and check yourself.

"OK" to a doctor just means the result is in range.

The range for ferritin can go from 7 to 150. How can someone with a level of 7 be as OK as someone with a level of 75? The answer is they won't. The person with a level of 7 will feel breathless, fatigued and lacking energy.

Without optimal nutrition you will find your thyroid hormones aren't working properly.

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T4 range 11-21pmol

T3 range 3.1-6 pmol

Is that what you mean?


The way to write them is:

T4 8.3 (11-21)

T3 2.3 (3.1-6)

The thing to do is edit your original post and put the ranges next to your test results as it makes it easier for other posters to read so they can advise you.

In addition if you have test results for vitamin B12, folate, ferritin and vitamin D put them in your original post as well in the same format.

The reason for this different labs use different reference ranges so we need to see where you are in the range.



Can you post your results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after the results)?


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