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Does anyone tolerate levo better by taking it twice a day instead?

Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone can tolerate the side effects or intolerance to the levo better if they cut it in half and have half in the morning and half in the evening?

iv been on 50mcg but not hacking it so have just took 25mcg today and i have noticed the difference.. and was wondering if i should take the other 25mcg later today?

Im having horrible anxiety rapid mood changes at the minute and my bloods have been haywire since august last year.. waiting on seeing the endo now..

not gonna post bloods as i have done that on another post, with great response :-)

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I found twice a day levo dosing worked well for me in the early stages of treatment. I suspect some of us react badly to the peak in blood levels caused by once daily dosing. If you mention it to your GP, s/he will probably poo poo the idea, but they know so little about this ;) Try it and if it helps, then stick with it!


When I was first prescribed Levothyroxine, my old GP told me to take it twice a day. It worked within 4 months and I took it with food as did not know any different then. This was in 1997 and I suspect today's makes are very much less effective.

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