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Constant heart flutters/palpitations...any help?



I have been off Block & Replace (diagnosed August 2015 with Graves Disease/Hypothyroidism) since just after Xmas and I have seen the Endo twice since then and they are pleased with my results. However, for the past week I have not stopped having heart palpitations. Actually, they're more of a constant fluttering and it's making me very anxious. It started last Monday, a few days before my latest check up. I saw my Endo last Thursday and she thinks I may be suffering from anxiety because of my hospital appointment.

My ranges were

TSH 0.5 (Range: 0.35 - 5.5)

T4 15 (9 - 23)

I can't remember what my T3 was..I shall have to find out. Anyways, I don't know what to do? I go to sleep fine but when I wake up it's back again and persists all day :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. I should also mention that my antibody level was borderline last time I went, they did not test this this time around because my thyroid levels are "normal".

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TSH 0.5 and FT4 15 are euthyroid so you haven't become hyperthyroid again. I think you should see your GP as the fluttering has been going on over a week now. GP may want to refer you for an ECG.

dotti in reply to Clutter

So sorry you are having a rough time, palpitations are terrible and i have had them for many years, as Clutter has said please go and see your G.P and dont let them fob you off with the old its anxiety they seem to use that for everything these days. They told me it was anxiety for years but eventually it was discovered that i have an electrical problem within the heart, i am not saying thats what you have but i would get it checked out.

Hope you feel better soon


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