I have just had to pay £18.68 customs on my latest delivery which takes the cost per tablet to nearly £1 each. This really is ridiculous. I've been on a reduced dose since Friday waiting for it to arrive. I suppose I'm lucky that this is the first time in about 18 months I have had to pay customs. When will the NHS see sense and treat us properly!

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  • Topaz1,

    I didn't know NZ produced NDT. What is the name of the NDT?

  • Hi Clutter, I get Nature-Throid from <site deleted>. I was put onto it by one of the Secretaries in Dr Peatfield's office. I'm wondering if I can find it cheaper somewhere else!

  • Topaz1,

    I've deleted the site as we don't allow naming of sites which supply UK prescription meds without prescription on the forum.

    NatureThroid is manufactured by RLC Labs and is an American brand. The site you mentioned is based in Vanuatu in the south pacific to circumvent NZ pharmaceutical regulations requiring prescriptions.

  • NDT from Thailand is much cheaper, I changed from Nature-Throid to Thyroid-S with no problem, but it probably doesn't work for everyone.

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