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Natural alternatives Endocrinologist

Dear All, I have hypothyroidism and am suffering with a whole host of symptoms at present. I live in Liverpool and am looking for an outstanding NHS Endocrinologist who is at the very least open to alternatives to the mainstream medical prescribing of levothyroxine etc.

Better still would be an endocrinologist who uses both a conventional and alternative route, looking at vitamin and mineral deficiencies and possible underlying reasons for thyroid malfunction.

If there is no NHS Endocrinologist that fits this bill in Liverpool, then I would be prepared to consider going to a private Endocrinologist, either in Liverpool, or somewhere relatively nearby, or if necessary further afield.

I would also consider going to a private doctor with a special interest in thyroid problems, ideally in Liverpool, but I will travel to London or elsewhere if there is a particularly recommended practitioner.

I would be hugely grateful for any suggestions.

Thanks a lot!

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Welcome to the forum, FreyaMosaic.

NDT is not licensed for UK use so it is rarely prescribed on the NHS. Some private endocrinologists and GPs will prescribe NDT but you should check with them that they do prescribe NDT before you book an appointment.

Email for a list of member recommended endocrinologists and practitioners. You can write a new post naming the doctor you are considering consulting to ask for feedback if you ask members to reply via private messages.

You can ask your GP to test for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. If GP won't order them you can order private test via

I am closing this thread to replies as members should respond with feedback via private messages. To read your private messages click on the email notification you receive or click on the red onsite notification next to your username.

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