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I hate my doctor!

Hi, just here to vent to peeps who may understand, after having to explain numerous times to my Dr office what ferritin is and they still dont know, i said "please just give me an iron panel" they said "ok, we'll fax it to the lab, make your appointment in an hour or so" so i did, i get to the lab today and guess what labs they had... The same dam thyroid test i took 3 days b4!!! I am infuriated! I looked for other Dr in my medical group but hmthere were so few and they're reviews all sucked, so i guess I'll wait for the results of the labs i got (coz idk if the results would carry over) and find a whole entire new setup, is this the best thing to do? Thanks guys! Loves

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I know it's frustrating but most NHS docs won't run a full iron panel. They only look at ferritin. I find it annoying because my ferritin is low but iron very high. I buy my own fingerprick iron test from medichecks. It was only about £25 in one of thier sales and very easy to do. If my next iron test shows my levels are still rising im taking them to the doctor and making them refer me.

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