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I read hypos can have "poor response to treatment", anyone have sinus trouble without any help?


So, i was just ticking off symptoms and noticed that poor treatment response is a thing, since my condition became bad i developed a PND that turns "hard" sometimes, i was told i have allergies and i have tried EVERY remedy some of which caused Sinus infection, the mucus really "hardens" when i lie down, almost every time, its nearly impossible to sleep but when i sit my body is in so much morre pain, does anyone experience this, im not sure if this relates to hypo or if my body is going through anything else, thanks all

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Hi - I used to get a lot of sinus problems, but since I went dairy and gluten free I have had no issues. Dairy is quite frequently associated with this type of problem I believe. Xx

I have also done that with no avail 😢


Ayurveda link for you. 🙂


I used to get sinus headaches regularly before I was diagnosed - actifed was my best friend. They reduced when I started on Levo, but started to,come back when I was forced to change brands.

I started on Thyroid-s in Nov and the have started to decrease in frequency so I think there is a link to whether or not you are optimally medicated.

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