I have had some results back, finally, from my second biopsy & the large (solid) nodule is benign, thankfully! BUT its still growing & so are the other nodules...they are becoming more visible as my neck is looking lumpy now & I can feel the large lump when I swallow & is uncomfortable.

Im absolutely petrified if I have to have surgery & I dont want to lose my thyroid as Ive read so much about how you never fully recover afterwards.

Is there anything I can do to help heal my thyroid? (Im gluten/soy free already).

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  • JellyQ,

    Have you been told you need a complete thyroidectomy? It is possible to remove the thyroid lobe with the large nodule which is causing discomfort. The remaining lobe is expected to produce the hormone you require.

  • Hi Clutter,

    The endo said he would do a hemi-thyroidectomy but I still dont want that to happen if at all possible. The whole of my thyroid is covered in nodules.

    Would any thyroid meds help shrink the nodules do you know?

  • JellyQ,

    Levothyroxine will sometimes shrink nodules a little but if your thyroid levels are normal you won't be prescribed Levothyroxine because it would make you over medicated.

  • They were apparently normal last time I was tested, which was over a year ago now I should think. I only had TSH tested.

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