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Where can I get micronutrient testing that doesn't cost the earth?

Hi Everyone. Can anyone advise me on micronutrient testing that won't cost an arm and a leg. I have been asked to get a test such as Genova NutrEval which is £605 before blood draw. I cannot afford this though I am aware that it would give a detailed pic of my vits, minerals etc. How essential is this for developing a treatment protocol? Lots of intrepid folk on here seem to launch forth on their own. Am scared of doing this and daunted by the prospect of sourcing NDT on my own without a prescription. Any thoughts greatly appreciated. I wish I had a cheap illness.

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Gosh that's the sort of info I would be interested in getting! Would be interested in any comments as well as to any other suggestions.


Yes it's an expensive illness! I'd hate to tot up what I've spent!

No idea how much it will cost but it won't be cheap!

Who has asked you to get this? Can't they send you somewhere to get it done?

You could just get thyroid plus 12 or 15 done on bluehorizonmedicals not detailed but will give you Folate, feretin, b12, Vit D, magnesium, insulin plus thyroid function tests.

Sourcing NDT isn't too hard if you're worried about non regulated ones from Thailand etc then there's Erfa from Canada or Armour

An endocrinologist will prescribe for you but will be more expensive.


I'm looking for the same thing. I've heard it cost about $100. That's US. If there are labs here, there must be labs in England.


try cancernet £295 for blood profiling, dont know if its any use ?