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Newly diagnosed after radio iodine

Had overactive thyroid for a second time in 13 years so had radio iodine in Oct 2016 which has since made me underactive. Wasn't prescribed any meds until January due to no appointment given by consultant despite chasing. Went to own GP in jan as had terrrible brain fog, poor concentration and falling asleep all the time. Now on 100mcg levothyroxine. Feel better now except for weight gain which is driving me nuts!

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Hi wendyjojo I had similar thing happen to me after Rai,why endo's don't follow up with test after RAi when they should is a mystery, surly they should know that you need to be tested 3months ,then 6 months after. and then if needed put on levo as and when needed. glad your feeling better now.have you tried 5/2 diet that's what worked for me I lost 4st on it in 1year. Obviously you need to be optimally medicated or dieting just doesn't work.


Oh so glad you said about 5/2 diet. That is what i used to do before but didnt think it would work as i assumed my metabolism was driven by thyroxine rather than own gland (if that makes sense). I was weighing up (so to speak!) which diet would be best so i shall certainly give it a try! Thank you, fingers crossed!


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