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Advice please


Hello all, I'm looking for some advice. ..

I'm diagnosed and on 125mcg of levothyroxine, but have yet to find my optimum dose. My endo told me to track my symptoms and pay attention to what might make me better or worse.

I've found a significant correlation between symptoms and certain stages of menstruation, as well as worse fatigue after exercise.

I asked my Endo for tests on oestrogen and progesterone as I suspect these affect symptoms and I suspect I'm perimenopausAl even though I'm 39.

She kind of shot me dowe and said those tests weren't routinely done and we could "talk briefly about it next time".

Should I seek these tests alternatively from my dr? Or push her? Or drop it and patiently jump through the hoops of bureaucratic stages?

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When I saw my Endo for the first time I asked if it had affected my fertility. He said at 42 I was still young enough to have children so added these tests into all my other tests he ran.

Can't you just say you want to try for a baby so want to know if your fertile - these tests then tells you if you are premenopausal or still fertile etc

But your gp should be able to run these tests if you request them as well as a hormone panel

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