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FREE online food workshop by the Thyroid Secret's Magdalena Wszelaki

For those of you that watched Episode 5 of the Thyroid Secret you may recall the section where Dr Izabella Wentz speaks to Magdalena Wszelaki about healthy breakfast options. She is seen cooking a steak and talking about the benefits of brocolli sprouts and sauerkraut amongst other things.

I'm sure this isn't a coincidence but I saw an ad in Instagram this morning by the same lady advertising a free online workshop about balancing hormones through food to treat thyroid problems and Hashimotos disease. It looks interesting.

I've signed up through the link here:

I thought this would be useful for others here.

Schedule is in US Pacific time but I've converted it to UK time:

Wednesday 8th March 5pm UK time

Thursday 9th March 5pm UK time

Friday 10th March 01.00 UK time - (this one is probably too late at night)

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Thanks for posting, Serendipitious.

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Magdalena has another workshop called The Thyroid Detox:

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