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Levo to NDT help please


I've been on here for a while but never asked a question before.

I have managed to get some of the very rare (now) in the UK Thiroyd. Can anybody advise on how to swap over to it please? I was on 200mg levo + 1/2 a T3 tablet, reduced to 200mg when the T3 was stopped and now down to 175 mg, all within 2 months. The endo I saw at GEH was not bothered about how I felt but just looked at the TSH and T4 levels.

Do I swap over to roughly what I am on at the moment or start at a lower dose and work my way up?

Thank you x

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Check the active content of each tablet/grain of your NDT to see what's the equivalent of the dose you prefer.

My WP Thyroid NDT is the equivalent of 68mcg of T4, so 3 grains would be approximately 204mcg of T4. Being natural, & containing other thyroid hormones, you might find it stronger, so perhaps start with a slightly lower dose & increase after a few weeks.

I've never taken T4, & can only compare UniPharma T3 to WP. For me, the latter seems about 50% stronger.

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Thank you. I should get my latest blood result soon so I'll know how they look on the new dose before I start NDT.

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Start low and build up over a few weeks!

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Thank you


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