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Getting more puzzled by the day

Hi there,

I've had an ongoing problem with meds for almost 20 years. I don't seem to be able to tolerate any for more than two days without developing a really sore stomach, bloatedness, itchiness, hairloss and very dry skin. My weight and overall wellbeing was manageable for a period of time I was Evotrox, but since it was withdrawn a few years back I have been unable to find something that works and I'm feeling terrible and gaining weight rapidly, despite a lack of appetite. It sounds bizarre but I seem to gain weight more when I'm on meds. I've been fortunate to try Martindales purified thyroxine, T3 only and WP Thyroid most recently without any joy. It seems that something builds up in my body and a get a little boost a few days after I stop taking them. I really don't know what else to do.

I'm now after some advice on my most recent tests when I had been on no meds for about a month previous. Your comments would be most appreciated as I don't know what else to do/try. I should be on 125mcg of thyroxine but I can't even seem to tolerate 50mcg now.

T3 and T4 normal, TSH borderline at 4.58

Free T3 4.2 Range (4.0-7.0 U)

Free T4 16 Range (10-25 U)

TSH 4.58 Range (0.55-4.78 U)

Thanks in advance,


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TSH is too high and FT3 low in range so you need a dose increase but I really can't see how you will manage that when you can't tolerate the medication.



TSH is too high and FT3 too low so you need your meds.

Look into histamine intolerance ... which is not recognised by the medical profession (much like adrenal fatigue) but is common in Hashi sufferers.

It results when there is an imbalance in accumulated histamine because of the body’s inability to break it down or degrade it. Histamine travels in the blood stream so can affect any part of the body which becomes reactive as is stuck in a chronic state of immune system overload, and possible adrenal fatigue, gut dysbiosis & impaired digestion and inflammation.

The enzyme, diamine oxidase (DAO), responsible for breaking down foods we consume that are rich in histamine, is diminished in people with histamine intolerance. Therefore, histamine cannot be broken down through the normal process and will result in a histamine overload in the body, that responds with many symptoms that mimic an allergic reaction.

The aim is to calm all immune responses (reducing inflammation) so your body has a less reactive response to things it doesn't like . .... . as apart from an unpleasant snotty nose, etc, any inflammation has a profound effect on ALL aspects of thyroid metabolism and physiology.

I initially supplemented Kaprex A1 (containing HOPS), Eskimo Fish Oils and Curcumin and am now supplementing DAO Histaminase with Bioflavonoids. There is a low histamine diet where all processed foods should be avoided as should fermented as histamine is a byproduct of the fermention but I eat clean and from scratch anyway so haven't really followed this route but repost a question for others to answer or google it.

Keeping all nutrients optimal and especially Vit D will help.


Natural Endocrine Solutions To Histamine



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