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how dare this GP rubbish Royal London integrated hosptial ggrrhhh

this hospital has the most caring considerate doctors who listen to you and this hospital is the only one who has listened and helped me or at least tried to with lyme, I am furios at this old bat here and I would like to give her a piece of my mind- preferably the bit that has horrendous pressure building up in it everynight! how dare she say we have to use EVIDENCE BASED! homeopathy works where mainstream doesn't. you only have to review the friends mag at thr royal London to see what people say.

here is her email address if anyone wants to email her. I am going toemailher right now!

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bluepettals2 you've lost me pettals! Your GP?


oh dear I didn't post link now I hav eto find it hang on posted now C.girl


She feels threatened, and is on the defensive.


she can bxxxxr orf to her evidence based office, how dare she judge something that works and is wonderful it really pxxxes me off, especiallywhen I know damn well it has helped many people including ME! I am on a mission now to find her to contact her with information! hey hey GG I have her email I am going to email right NOW!!!


bluepettals2 - check out McCartney's comments re private testing in recent Pulse article:


"Glasgow GP and broadcaster Dr Margaret McCartney has held ‘informal talks’ with the House of Commons Health Committee about potential measures, which she said could involve a levy on private companies to pay the NHS for the work their tests create.

However, she added: 'Fundamentally we need some sort of legislation to underscore the principle that these tests are not evidence-based – perhaps an "anti-quackery" clause that all customers must sign before consenting to go through screening.'

The Department of Health declined to respond to the findings and the demands for action on private testing."


here is my letter and it has gone now whether it is right or wrong, my brain isnt working so ihope I haven't judged her wrongly.

Dear Margaret,

I have just read your article on Royal London Integrated Hospital and your views. I presume you do not agree with this type of hospital and apologise if i am wrong.

i am writing this assuming i am right in my assumptions.

have you actually read the homeopathy Friends mag from that hospital ? have you read how many people have benefitted from homeopathy? Where ‘ evidence based meds have failed?

Do you not realise that a lot of ‘so called evidence based medicine’ doesn’t actually work if people have

complex issues? You are only young, and you are brainwashed in your limited training, as, if the issue is not in the text book it doesnt exist, or, that chemical pharm drugs are the best, medical school does

not train you in cells, nutrition, vital minerals or vitamins or the function of the gut. Or any controversial disease like LYME borrelia, in fact this is denied it exists and it does, it is becoming rife and NO ONE is safe. it is not just spread by a tick up north, it is spread by any wildlife, anypart of the

country, my son had come home with a tick fromwalking yesterday in the south east, he found it crawling up the wall in his hall, they are dropped by birds, foxes rabbits, etc, the nymph is the size of a poppy seed and not everyone has bulls eye rash, homeopathy and herbals are the only hope us lyme

sufferers have of trying to get well, as nhs do not know enough about the disease, nor do they want to know, or the testing or the treatment. Did you know the gut has its own brain,

did you know the gut is the beginning of all disease? Did you know that if one lacks b12 then they generally lack vit d, did you know that some people cant absorb vitd or b12? If they have mhtfr gene snp. Did you know that a lot of dementia patients lack b12 ? did you know mistletoe shrinks tumors?

Did you know chemo kills all the good as well as the bad and if a person has a low immunity or very ill they dont stand a chance. Margaret ,--Homeopathy works—the problem here is there is no money in it

for big pharm so therefore it is ridiculed and black listed because it is natural. I for one attend the Royal London integrated hospital, i have a very complex health situation and the doctors in there are nicest kindest most open minded that i have ever met, and homeopathy from there has helped me beyond

belief. There are healing properties in all plants, but no money for big pharm. Drug companies want their money and overcharge the nhs. Chemical drugs are needed but in some cases they do more harm

than good and then natural medicine comes into play and it works. A body should be treated as a whole, if one part of the body doesn’t work then nothing will work as it should. Did you know that some people cannot convert t4 into t3 and if the endocrine is out then t3 can turn into reverse t3 but no doctor here

understands that, only functional doctors do. did you know that we have 4 hormones for thyroid? T1 t2 t3 an dt4. They all play a part but doctors rely on tsh only, this is wrong t4 is not active, t3 is active, if

aperson cant convert t4 then they are given more t4 so it builds up and the person has a load of t4 in the blood stream causing thyrotoxicosis. When all they need is converted t3. Doctors always look at hormones in blood stream, it is the cell receptors that need it. i recently saw a doctor who didn’t

understand what cd57 cells meant if low or cd4 cd8 cells. He didn’t know we have ticks in rischmondpark in London , he didn’t know anything about Lyme disease. John Caudwell the fones for u

man is using his millions to lobby parliament into proper testing and awareness because they do not know anything about lyme which is an organ destroyer! We are having to use Stephen Buhner herbs,

Robert cowden protocol herbs to help us with lyme, if you do not know about it you should look it up, no one is safe not evenyou or BMJ. NDT is controversial because it is a natual thyroid, the ONLY substance used years ago until big pharm made chemical hormones how can chemicals work as well as

natural. I n India the y grow herbs and use them all for healing, even Russia is open to natural meds, Margaret, we need the nhs, it does a fabulous job, i have met rude ignorant doctors and i have met

super intelligent caring ones so i am just asking you to NOT judge natural medicine, if you were ill and mainstream didn’t work you would try it, you would be thankful to try anything, and while doctors

continue to be well and not need med or herbal meds they will never understand how important natural meds are. The chinese are very intelligent and acupuncture works. We have got energy lines all thru our bodies, the trouble is here that our doctors are closed off and do not want to learn or listen

about anything other than mainsteam or text book stuff- life doesn’t work like that. acupuncture, Try it yourself.Please do not bad mouth Royal London Integrated Hopsital it is one of the best. If itis good enough for the queen who has only EVER used homeopathy its good enough for YOU.

thankyou for reading.


like the post , b-p , but to my way of thinking the main AND only problem is that too many people [ including so called professionals ] have a closed brick- wall mind that they will never ever change ...... those that are open to learn from things they don't have knowledge of actually gain knowledge [ for the good & bad ] -- but they HAVE to explore without pre-conceaved conceptions either way -- .... I myself am not an advocate of 'homeopathy' or any other so called '' alternative '' treatments , but only because I have never had personal experience of them --- doesn't mean they don't work for some people though -- and I would never dissuade anyone from trying anything that may help their particular situation ...... I just wonder if this lady has actually tried the r.l.i.h or even been there or even seen anyone who has been treated there ?????? ...... alan x


well alan thi is my whole point whereby yourself andmany others, who haven't used it, have referred to alternative as 'so called

alternative. ' I was an alternative therapist myself alan, it worked where main stream didn't, the studying that i had to do was quite

instensive because we had to treat the whole person as a whole and not in parts, I use it now, I use homeopathy from Royal London

hospital as I already said above, the only hospital who has listened

and helped, the only person who helped me in an adrenal crisisi was

a homepath with substitute for cortisol and adrenal hormones and

thyroid, no mainstream 'evidence based ' helped me in 2010 when I was on my worst ever deathbed waiting to happen, I was considered a neurotic,---- with a baseline cortisol of 217- look up netdoctor

adrenal crisis and see the proper baseline, I suffered hell with closed off mainstream evidence based,--- I have lyme,

no mainstream wants to know I have homeopathy borrelia ( lyme from a fabulous well read, amazing intelligent open minded nhs

integrated homeopathic doctor from Austria in royal London--- people who haven't used it, should not assume that it is so called alternative, that is derogertory or how ever it is spelt, in itself. uk mainsytream I am afraid has a lot to learn regardless of medical people or just

people . never judge if it hasn't been used . years ago I woke to my face swollen and looking like a balloon with slits for eyes, I was horrified, the doctor tried everything and nothing worked, it was like

this 3 weeks- the skin was red and angry and eyelids and face swollen, homeopathy teacher to the rescue when I was doing my

reflexology studying,- she gave me just 3 Pulsultilla , my face then, began to recover,-- homeopathy was the ONLY thing that remedied

that. and one last thing, I had a client who had been trying for a

baby for 6 years, she came to me for a course of nonmedical treatments, for 6 weeks and then was delighted to tell me she became pregnant.


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hi b.p. , I think I may have put my point over to you wrongly , what I was saying was that ANY form of treatment that doesn't come under the auspices of the generalised norm most people [ me included ] would refer to as ''alternative '' - but without trying to be derogative of it - ...... but I try to keep a serious mindset open for things that I have no specific knowledge or experience of -- who knows if I may need to try some form in the future ? -- , as indeed you have and it works for you ...... I think that so long as we hold an open mind and learn as we go along without dismissing the things we either don't know or don't understand the good things that help , whatever they are , can only be a good thing for the individual so my view is '' if it works for you go for it '' you are the only one that can know whether it helps YOU , and you are the only one that matters -- and you can pass on to others your experiences [ the pitfalls & the bonuses ] for them to maybe try that particular route if they wish and you may well be in a position to guide them in the right direction quickly ...... as an example not many years ago acupuncture was regarded as a ''quack treatment '' by those that had understanding of it --- now it is a recognised form of treatment .... I hope this may help in explaining my comments to you and that you keep on with gaining your health to where you want it to be .......alan x

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yes I got what you meant alan and reading back my own post it looks like I was solely directing at you- this is the problem with emails texts and writing stuff, I think we must both realise what we meant. do you mean quacktreatment by those who understood acupuncture or DIDNT understand it>


sorry should have read '' no understanding of it '' .. this was meant to be as an example ....... my view is always -- if you don't know anything about something how can you prove OR disprove the possible benefits OR pitfalls ---- some so-called 'alternative ' treatments i.e. homeopathy,aromatherapy,hypno-therapy, acupuncture and many many others do work for some - but maybe not others , we all know about thyroid meds ..levo works for some ,ndt for others ,and other things for others - if anyone finds something that works for them that's brilliant ALL forms of treatment be they mainstream or ''alternative'' can and do help the individual -- we just need to find the one that actually works for us and try to keep an open mind of the possible benefits of any treatment that can possibly help your own situation ..... hope this helps to put my thoughts over .....alan x


this is my fabulous doctor , open this link then after reading scroll to


I have sent this to the Glaswegian GP as well,

she should damn well read it and what the patients say. my doctor is so intelligent kind and caring ,never rushes you in or out and

listens and answers evrey question. it really bugs me, when mainstream so called evidence based medical non brains damn the very thing that is staring them in the face- patients will NOT say it helps if it doesn't. gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


What is your fabulous doctor's name please Bluepettals2?


They don't like anything that helps the patient if it's not funded by big pharma because that knocks them off their superior high horses.

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Well, it always seems as though homeopathy can't work with what science we know. BUT it seems to work on animals who don't know that it can't work. Perhaps it is some quantum effect that we haven't yet discovered. The Queen uses it, apparently. GPs tend to rubbish most things "not invented here" and a listening doctor is worth 100 5 min NHS appointments. The only "EVIDENCE" we have is things that big companies have bothered to test for or fund testing for ... Show me "evidence" that statins will extend my life span and prevent me having a first heart attack.


this is a good read and I shall send it to madam mccarthy

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this is not acceptable


I found Margaret McCartney's BMJ blog independently a day or two ago, and yet again she has taken her standard, aggressively 'conventional' approach, insulting to so many of us. I'm feeling so angry about it that I just need to unload.

Among other things, Margaret McCartney is a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4's Inside Health, a programme whose 'company line' leaves me dazzled and despondent in equal measure, every time I hear it.

Aside from the article itself, the comments also caught my eye.

In a reply to the blog post, HJohnston says (among other things), 'If you have a patient that says I did xxxx and I felt better and my pain went away and I was able to function better, I would find them much more believable, and more valid “evidence” than a drug company that shows positive results for one double blind study for a drug that they will be making a significant profit on.'

The next response, by bikeclips, says, 'I’m afraid that if we resort to your system: “A patient says…” then we’re stumbling in the dark.'

This narrow-minded nonsense an outrageous but all-too-familiar illustration of the kind of thing we hypothyroid patients encounter every day. It has to stop.

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lady_eve deleted my post as have realised you're quoting from the original link.

They all subscribe to the "doctor knows best" belief system where they enjoy sneering at anything a patient says or does. And they claim they don't get 'respect' but can't work it out.

You're right to be cross and can empathise.

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