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Vaxxed, from cover-up to catastrophe - a must watch - CDC Whistleblower admits study showed that there is a link between the MMR and autism

As Robert Deniro has said - everybody must see this film!

I attended the Premiere in London on 14th February which was held in an auditorium in a University as the Curzon Theatre cancelled due to a handful of people protesting. I had the pleasure of listening to Dr Andrew Wakefield who received several standing ovations, the atmosphere was electric. He has been fighting this for 22 years, the truth about his treatment is just catastrophic. We know about this only too well as Dr Peatfield and Dr Skinner and Dr Myhill being constantly hounded and all they have ever done is help people, save lives and speak the truth! Also in the Q&A panel was Brandy Vaughan, who was a whistleblower from Merck who knows the truth about vaccinations and runs learntherisk.org which is also on Facebook. There was also a mother of a vaccine injured child who runs a group and a homeopath and a representative from Belgium.

When anyone tries to talk about vaccinations it seems to be a subject that really does bring hostility as some people are adamant how good they are. Recently Melinda Messenger just mentioned that she was researching more about the HPV vaccine for her daughter as she wasn't sure about it and was ganged up on ITV This Morning as being irresponsible. It is a subject that you will rarely see on the News but things are coming to a head.

I will let you decide what you think when you watch the film. I cannot see how anyone can discuss it without seeing the film, it is not anti-vaccine, it is 100% the truth - how do I know this? because if there was any part of it that was untrue then the makers of the film would be sued, and they have not been!

What happens in the CDC in USA affects us, it effects most countries and this is why everyone needs to see the film.

The film has been shown in hundreds of theatres in USA and Canada. It has been censored everywhere. Italy, Paris, London but why? Big Pharma do not want you to see it of course. What happens when you censor a film? more people want to see it. I have followed the Vaxxed bus touring around USA collecting thousands of vaccine injury stories. Heartbreaking death of babies, children and adults and horrendous damage that the Vaxxed team have been shocked to hear.

Please watch it!


£6.99, or


99p to rent or buy

vaxxed.com where you can listen to the recordings of vaccine injured people being interviewed.

We need to hear the truth and whether you like the President of USA or not, the truth is getting closer as he has organised a commission for Robert F Kennedy Jnr to lead. This is the biggest medical catastrophe ever.


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Some recent researched reported on radio4 showed autism detectable earlier than when MMR given .

Yes the numbers spiked to now 1/45 and it is predicted 1 in 2 by 2032 which will be 80% of the boys if we continue to vaccinate. It's the most preventable epidemic. Chiropractors and most of the Amish do not vaccinate and many celebrities and some people after researching or after having a reaction, there are plenty of people unvaccinated to do a study of vaccinated versus vaccinated. This would show everything as the unvaccinated do not have asthma, ear infections, etc etc etc

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I think you missed the point which was that the research suggested that MMR had nothing to do with autism.

Have been very aware of what you say for eons. Our meditation group were told that a young baby body can not cope with the invasion of numerous infections in one go. l knew Andrew Wakefield was right anyway at the time. Medical profession are arrogant as you know and if you differ from colleagues and let it be known - you are sidelined even when right. Fortunately DrWakefield has managed to continue working in the US and welcomed by the more holistic medics there


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