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OK what is ok

Thyroid levels ok

Phoned my GP about my annual thyroid blood test

There reply was OK

What do they mean by ok ?

So when I go to the DRs next week I will ask for a print out as I don't know what Ok is .

Is it ok for the recommended thyroxine that I take or just ok .

I am still on 100 mg and that was at my request as dropping down gave me bad symptoms .

I feel good on this level and it works for me.

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O.K. doesn't mean the patient feels o.k. so it is right you should get a copy of your results with the ranges.

However, the best way to judge how your dose is working is how the patient 'feels' and as you feel good that's the correct dose.

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By 'ok', they just mean 'in-range'. But, as they don't understand the ranges, 'ok' is actually meaningless.


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