Blood results

I wondered if anyone could cast an eye over my blood results. Still don't feel great but in the most they have come back 'normal'

B12 210 range 187-883

TSH 3.75 range 0.35-5.60

T4 14.9 range 7.50-21.10

Bit D 50 range 51-75 but result says normal

Folate 10.7 range 3.10-19.9

Serum cholesterol 6.89 range 2.5-5.2 However. Triglycerides HDL cholesterol within normal limits.

Non HDL IS 5.5 however range isn't clear

Serum HDL Ratio 5 range 0-5

Glomerular filtration rate 51 range 60-99999

I have been told to book Doctors appointment but will not be going on statins as I know the additional problem they cause. Just wondered if anything else I need to check with him other than glomerular rate. Thanks for your help in advance

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  • 'Normal' just means 'in-range'. But, 'in-range' isn't necessarily 'optimal'.

    Your TSH is too high. What time of the day did you have these tests done? Your FT4 is a bit on the low side. Your vit B12 and vit D are both much too low, so it's not really any wonder that you feel bad.

    You didn't say if you've been diagnosed as hypo, and if so, what and how much are you taking?

  • Hi It was fasting first thing in the morning. I have been diagnosed with hypo and am on 75mgs daily. I didn't take my Levi the day of the blood test until After I had the test so there was 24 hours between last Levi and test

  • OK, so you definitely need an increase in levo. 75 mcg is not much more than a starter dose, so it's not surprising you need an increase. The object of taking thyroid hormone replacement, is to bring the TSH down to euthyroid levels : i.e. one or under.

  • Ty btw I meant mcg not mg lol. Will discuss with my Gp when I see him ty

  • Yes, I guessed that. lol

  • Most doctors believe that anywhere 'in range' is perfect. Not for thyroid hormones, i.e. TSH should be 1 or lower and T3/T4 should be towards the upper part of the range.

    Just tell him you aren't improving and still have symptoms and need an increase so TSH is 1 or lower. He may be unaware of this fact.

    Higher cholesterol is a clinical symptom and will reduce as your levo is increased. You don't need any meds to reduce cholesterol.

    Your Vit D is bottom of range would be better towards the top.

    B12 is also low so ask if you can be tested for Pernicious Anaemia before you supplement with B12 sublingual methylcobalamin to get it towards the top of the range. Low B12 can, in the long run cause dementia.

  • See BOLD FONT in first PDF, signed by fifty scientists. Recommends that the public MAINTAIN a Vitamin D level of not less than 100-150 nmol ALL YEAR.... Not 50 nmol, which is what you have.

  • Thank you all. It gives me some ammunition to deal with when I go and see him.

  • Just a quick up date. I saw my GP and he increased the Levothyroxine to 100mcg and doubled my vitamin D dose. So thank you all for your advice. X

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