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Lots of blood tests but not sure what's going on

Hi there,

I had a blood test 3 years ago and I was told I would need to be retested every year. I never spoke to the doctor after that first test but the receptionist told me that there was a problem with my T4 levels (not sure what that means). I had another test last August and have had 2 more in the last couple of days. I managed to speak to my doctor this time and all he said was I have an under active thyroid. He said that the results last August where 5.8 and now this time it is 4.7, what does that mean? And do you know why I have had 2 lots of blood tests done with in a week of each other. I should get the results back before Friday, but if anyone could give me some information, I would really appreciate it, as I don't have a clue.

Thank you

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It sounds very much that you are undermedicated but you are entitled to a copy of your results. May sure you get the ranges as well then post them on here and I'm sure you will get some helpful comments.

If you access the Thyroid Uk web site there is lots of info on there you might find interesting. Shout out if anything you don't understand!

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Thank you, I will ask the doctor for my results


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