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Can gluten in cosmetics worsen symptoms?


I have been using a well known brand of moisturiser which contains wheat germ and am concerned it might be contributing to a mild Hashi's flare up. There is evidence that there is a lot of wheat grain derivatives in cosmetics and toiletries. My questions are do these products contain gluten and can they be absorbed by the skin? The jury seems to be out on this one. Not surprisingly opinions from the industry suggest not, but users have a different story to tell.

Here's a link to a website I was looking at today:

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I think it's quite likely that gluten in cosmetics could cause a problem - possibly through the skin but also because, if you think about it, small amounts may end up in your mouth. You only have to rub your face and accidentally brush it across your lips, or not wash your hands after applying it and then eat something. Sounds over the top, I know, but some people are sensitive to even the tiniest amounts of gluten.

Seems to me an experiment might be in order - try a brand without wheat germ in and see if it makes any difference. It may not, of course. :)

I don't know the answer but I did read that about 20 minutes after applying cosmetics our livers are affected, so I'd guess the gluten could also get 'into' our systems. Can't remember where I read it but I usually forget anything that isn't from a reliable source.

I am allergic or intolerant to Ibruprofen in ALL of its forms whether it be gels patches or tablets so its possible you may be allergic to gluten in any form.

Thanks for the information. I think I'll give them a miss. If nothing were able to penetrate the skin, nicotine patches wouldn't work either, come to think of it.