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Shaking and shivering, symptom of what?

Went to lab this morning. I woke up a bit too early and was too tired anyways. I had a lot of blood drawn, I counted 16 tubes and closed my eyes. Naturally I was nervous, but I was not sweating nor my heart was pounding, but I have these shaking/shivering. Took quite long time to draw that much blood and nurse kept asking am I ok. But I didn't feel bad nor ill.

After blood was drawn I went to cafe and bought orange juice and sat on the bench waiting for my dad and was just shaking/shivering every few minutes. I do not think its just about being nervous that I would be just anxious as I have had that after local anesthesia, I just start shaking. Was very big trouble after spinal numbing years ago, it went away when one nurse got good idea to give me candies. But I can have it after eating something not suitable, or in the morning if my body temperature is 35.5, or after cold/flu/fever.

So is it like adrenaline/cortisol/thyroid/blood sugar related? Tho it was sort of cold too -12. Orange juice helped a bit and shivering/shaking passed. But my body was working very hard to warm me up. Took an hour to get to home and I had cup of coffee and cigarette and felt very awful. Having proper breakfast helped and now feeling okish except super tired, achy and freezing cold.

Unfortunately I cannot get used to it, even though having it coming and going for almost 20 years :(

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Perhaps you would have felt better if you had the ciggie and coffee AFTER a good breakfast 😊😊


:D probably yeah. Luckily breakfast fixed it and was able to have a big bucket of coffee. Still took three hours nap so coffee doesn't help me, I just like the taste.

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I have lost many relatives, workmates and friends to lung cancer from smoking. It is not a very nice way to go, that is for sure.

My kidney cancer, from cause unknown, was a walk in the park compared to what they went through in their final few months.

Be kind to your body and quit, it is the right thing to do.

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No some aspects of symptoms are not very nice. I think sometimes our bodies take over. We think we're not nervous but body acts in a way we think it shouldn't. I know someone who had a scan and they said they were shaking/trembling all over and just couldn't prevent it. They thought it might interfere with the scan but apparently it didn't as far as I know.


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