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Reliable source of T3

Hi, I have just registered. Sorry if this is long winded, but I am hoping for some advice.

I have been taking NDT 2 grain and T3 20 mcg per day for approx 20 years - my hypo symptoms improved greatly, although not entirely alleviated, however I felt better than ever before on this medication. I had my first brush with a NHS consultant endo about 15 years ago. He persuaded me to take Thyroxine - saying there was no difference. I went down hill quickly, and reverted back to present protocol and again improved.

My GP has now refused to prescribe T3, despite my showing him the new NTA guidelines published in January 2017. Although he has agreed to continue writing a private script for NDT. He suggested I see a consultant again. I reluctantly agreed, however the consultant endo at Addenbrookes hospital rejected the referral ? presumably because of my history of insisting on NDT because it made me better - rather than taking Thyroxine because it did'nt.

I have read STTM and Recovering with T3 books. I am trying to take control of my health and help myself. I have been advised to have a 24 hour saliva adrenal test, and the relevant thyroid bloods including RT3 and D101 gene test etc, vit B12, vit D and ferritin, so hopefully I'm doing the right things.

Can anyone give me details of a reliable online source of T3 I would prefer to use PayPal as payment method.

Apologies again for the monologue.


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Members will respond by Private Message as it is not permitted on the open forum.

I will close the post to answers.

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Welcome to the forum Bonnybeau and thank you for introducing yourself and explaining why you need a source for T3.

As Shaws has already commented, this information cannot be posted on the main forum, so anyone wishing to reply must do so by private message.

If you receive a private message, you will be notified by email, and you will also see a red blob next to your username at the to of the screen.

You will need to be prepared to investigate other payment methods because neither credit card companies nor PayPal will allow their payment facilities to be used to pay for prescription medicines.


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