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Help with understanding the thyroid lab results

I had my thyroid test panel taken and here are the results:

S-TyglAb <15 (kU/l) (range <60)

S -TPOAb, antibodies 69 (kU/l) (range <60)

S -T3 Free 4.15 (pmol/l) (range 3.5-6.5)

S -T4 Free 15.39 (pmol/l) (range 10-21)

S -TSH 1.75 (mIU/l) (range 0.40-4.00)

I understand that there is a problem with antibodies, but could someone say what type of a problem. I'll have a phone appointment with my functional doctor regarding these results and medication next Thursday, but I thought I'd ask for opinions here.

Last August Free T4 was 13 and Free T3 was 3.6 and TSH was 1.9 so these have improved, but the TPOAb is pretty high. I've had a long term stress, got a child almost 4 years ago and started having some issues with stuff in my throat about 2 years ago after hand, foot and mouth.

Any thoughts about the test results?

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Hi - your results are showing positive for Hashimotos auto-immune thyroiditis. This is a condition where your immune system is mistaking your thyroid tissue as "alien" and hence is attacking it. It is linked with a condition known as leaky gut or "increased intestinal permeability" in medic speak and food intolerances. The main culprits are gluten, dairy and soy in that order in numbers of people affected. The treatment is to remove the irritants from the diet and take selenium supplements - 200 mcg/day L-Selenomethionine, this is proven to reduce anti-bodies. The inflammation in your thyroid is probably what is causing your throat issues.

This will eventually cause you to go hypothyroid as you lose thyroid tissue, but as yet your tests show only a very slight impact of this. A tsh of 2+ is generally (though not always by doctors!) considered to be a sign that your thyroid is struggling. You have achance to catch this before you have any major degradation in your thyroid.

Good luck,

Gillian xx


Thank you Gillian.

Hashimotos is what I thought as well, but these thyroid things are not that familiar to me. I've just had my SIBO treated with antibiotics in January. In December we tried to treat it with herbal treatment, but my SIBO was so bad that it responded with lots of issues. So antibiotics for 4 weeks did it. Now I've been trying to heal it with probiotics and S. Boulardii. I've been on dairy free diet for half a year and just started gluten-free a week ago or so. I don't use soy very often so that one is easy.

I'm taking lots of supplements as advised by my functional nutritionist. The newest ones are zinc, iodine, selenium (200mcg per day).

I had more hypothyroidism before. My Free T4 was Mar 2016 11.9, Aug 13 and now that 15.39. Free T3 was in Aug 2016 3.6 and now 4.15 so these have improved.

I have had issues with low cortisol levels, but these have improved.

I'll speak to my functional doctor about Thytrophine PMG and Armour as I have so many symptoms like intolerance to cold and heat and this is a biggy as I cannot go outside some of the time because of this. I had a TSH 2.1 in Mar 2016, 1.9 Aug 2016 and now 1.75. so all the thyroid related hormone numbers are getting better. As this was the first time the antibodies were measured, there is no knowing how these have changed.

I'm generally feeling better in many ways, but I keep getting issues with blood sugar recently, the heat and cold intolerance and bad fatigue. We have been able to correct some of the fatigue already by taking supplements to support mitochondria, but I keep getting tingly feeling on the back of my neck and on top of the head and still so tired from time to time that there are lots of issues with these. I personally think that the antibodies got worse during the first SIBO treatment which was unsuccessful and it got very bad. After I am now super tired in the evening even though before that I felt always better in the evening due to adrenal function being better.


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