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drug free but suffering

Hi All,

in 2015 I was diagnosed as HYPER and put on THIAMAZOLE. I started to feel better only being very tired and falling asleep in the chair. I cut down the dose over several months which stopped me falling asleep and with doctors agreement stopped taking the drug in august 2016. I was feeling ok but have been under a lot of stress recently and anxiety symptoms returned. I had a thyroid blood test while in uk and gp said all ok. On returning to France I have tried to overcome anxiety but still feeling strange, twitching, short of breath, chest constriction which comes and goes. I decided to have thyroid blood test this week as something just is not right, results as follows:

free t3 = 4.06 range (2.63 to 5.70)

free t4 = 13.2 range (9.0 to 19.1)

tsh = 1.070 range 0.350 to 4.940)

These results look ok I think, but am going to see great doctor here next week,(always a little difficult as spoken in French as he is French and I am english). Has my thyroid somehow recovered, is that common or what??

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You're definitely not hyperthyroid. Results are unequivocally euthyroid. I hope you will feel better soon.


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