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Recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism

I had a couple of blood test to check my thyroid function last year. My first one came back at 4.5 and my second one in October at 5.5. Having had a massive (3+ stones) weight gain since early summer, my GP agreed to put me on a trial dose of thyroxine (25 mg) in December.

Initially, I did feel much better and lost a couple of lbs in weight, something I had not done for months. However, my weight is going up again, I feel tired most of the time and I keep getting joint and muscle pains in both arms, hands and my feet. Don't really understand what is going on, but wondered if anyone else has felt like this or can offer any advice.


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25mcg is a very low dose. you should have blood tests every 6-8 weeks with increases to get TSH to 1 or below .You also need FT4 and FT3 testing as well as Ferritin ,folate ,D3 and B12.. You may need to have private testing if doc will not do.Then post again with the ranges which are shown in brackets.


I'm due to have another test next week (doctor told me I needed to wait 3 months for a repeat test). Thank you for advice as to what else I need testing. I will speak to the nurse when I go. I will post my results when I get them. Thank you for your help.


Would often be three months to check a reading without medicating but you were given levo so you should not have to wait that long.


your dosage should be increased by 25mcg or 50 mcg every 4 weeks until all symptoms go away and stay away be very sure that you do not take your leevo for 24 hours before the blood is drawn

ensure it done early morning and fasting

otherwise they will refuse to raise your dose

also request they test




vit d3

because alll must be halfway in their ranges in order for your body to be able to utilise the levothyroxine

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Thanks for that. I didn't know not to take the levo before the test. I don't think my GP really knows what she is doing, so at least I have some info and know what to ask for now. Thanks again


very few GPs know anything about the most important gland in the body ....its crazy

yes its vital to avoid raking levo in the 24 hrs before a test as it skews results and idiot gps try to reduce your dose

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