Results of blood tests so confused - Please Help :0(

Hi, I posted 3 days ago and was asked to add my blood results, I have also done this new post as I wasn't sure if that's what I was suppose to do?

Sons results are - Dec 2015

Serum free T4 10.8 pmol/L (9.00-24.00 pmol/L)

Serum TSH 3.7 mu/L (0.35-5.00 mu/L)

Also states TSH + FT4 normal no action

Dec 2016

Serum free T4 11.3 pmol/L (9.00-24.00 pmol/L)

Serum TSH 5.5 mu/L (0.35-5.00 mu/L)

Also states TSH + FT4 Abnormal Results Needs further tests - TFT? then it states serum TSH satisfactory (normal for this patient no action)

Feb 2017

Serum free T4 12.3 pmol/L (9.00-24.00 pmol/L)

Serum TSH 2.7 mu/L (0.35-5.00 mu/L)

Also states normal no action.

Se thyroid peroxidase Ab conc 63 iu/ml (0.00-50.00 iu/ml)

(Abnormal needs rpt TFT in 3/12 - borderline TFT)

On another part of the Feb 2017 test it states Full blood count abnormal needs further tests ferretin/B12/folic acidnormocytic anaemia?

Just had his latest results for the above (Feb 2017)

Serum Ferritin 54 ug/L (15.00 - 300.00 ug/L) - normal

Serum Folate 1.7 ug/L (2.00 - 17.00 ug/L) - abnormal prescribe folic acid

Plasma vitamin B12 437 ng/L (200.00 - 900.00 ng/L) - normal

My own results are

Dec 2016

Serum free T4 11.5 pmol/L (9.00-24.00 pmol/L)

Serum TSH 6.6 mu/L (0.35-5.00 mu/L)

Also states T4 level normal no action and TSH abnormal needs repeat test in 3/12 and consider anti-TPOAb

This has happened a few times over the years, I am always told everything is normal and retest in a year.

Also my Haematocrit is 0.36 ratio (0.37-0.47 ratio) I don't know what this is.

I hope this is ok to post and makes sense to someone, thank you so much for any help.

Claire xx

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  • Summerloving73,

    Your son's thyroid peroxidase antibodies are positive for autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's) which is why his thyroid levels have been fluctuating. There is no cure for Hashimoto's which eventually causes 90% of hypothyroidism. Treatment will be for the low thyroid levels it causes. Many people have found that 100% gluten-free diet is helpful in reducing Hashi flares, symptoms and eventually antibodies. G-F diet may delay the progression to hypothyroidism. Supplementing up to 200mcg selenium will support the thyroid gland.

    Your son's thyroid levels are currently euthyroid (normal) but TSH >2.0 indicates his thyroid is struggling. NHS won't diagnose hypothyroidism until TSH is >5.0 or FT4 <9.0.

    Ferritin is optimal halfway through range so your son could supplement iron with 1,000mcg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation.

    Folate is deficient. My GP prescribed 5mg folic acid for a couple of months to correct folate deficiency.

    B12 437 probably doesn't need supplementing. If your son has symptoms of B12 deficiency outlined in the link below he/you should ask for advice on

    Protocol is to retest the first abnormal TSH result 3 months later to rule out a virus, infection or other non-thyroidal illness raising TSH.

    This link will explain low haematocrit

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