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Question re adrenals, stress and fatigue


I've noticed for the last five or so years (maybe longer) that any acute stress reaction, despite being pretty minor (fender bender, my dog escaping, dealing w a troubling builder) is followed almost immediately by a need to nap. At the risk of sounding like a hypochondriac, is this an adrenal symptom and if so, what does it mean?

If I was a character in a disaster film I'd be the first one to die. Avalanche? No matter, that snowbank looks comfy. Earthquake? I'll deal w my injuries as soon as I've had a little kip. Fire/flood/mudslide etc etc, *yawn* zzzzzzzzzz......

I have uat and take levo and t3.

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Hi puncturedbicycle

I have Addison's, so no cortisone production (apparently) but in the years running up to diagnosis...tooth extraction, 'I'm ok but need to have a lay down' , same with any upset or accident, it would suck the energy from me

My endocrinologist says the Addison's comes on with total immediate effect, I don't believe in him, because I have felt (in hindsight) the effects over many years previous to turning brown one day and the year leading up to diagnosis

Not sure what it means for someone with out Addison's, I read a lot about members on here who have low cortisone but not sure what their pathway is


Many thanks for your reply Anne. I will do some research on Addison's. I've had my cortisol tested in the past and it has been not great but not terrible. I'll see if I can find those results.

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