The Importance of Good Digestion

Although not strictly thyroid-related, I have today found a most interesting document on a site dealing with atrial fibrillation dealing with digestion. It dates back to 2007/2008 but contains all sorts of interesting information and references on digestion relating to most of the body's systems (including adrenals around page 13/14). As I know there are a few on here who read (a lot!) I thought it worth posting the link in case anyone has a spare hour or two ..... ;)

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  • hunny59 this is a really interesting link, especially as my husband is about to undergo an endoscopy for reflux. Thanks for posting.

  • I had one a couple of months ago. Needless to say, the gastro was hopeless. I've pretty much been told that they won't consider any surgical intervention until I go back onto the PPIs (which I'm not willing to do) and absolutely no entertainment of the possibility of the problem being low stomach acid. No big surprise really.

  • I've bombarded my OH with info on PPIs and am absolutely ;ivid that my special needs son has been put on them. Printed something off a couple of days ago to take to Endo when we are supposed to see him in April. As yet,no appointment! Glad you held out on not having them. Hope you are working on the low acid information given on this site. I am with ACV, and have shared this info with my OH, but he is ot really listening to me. After all,what would I know!

  • Frustrating isn't it? The main reason for holding out on going back on them was that I was on them for 25 years blindly having faith in the NHS until someone I trusted suggested the problem may actually be low acid. And boy have I been on a journey of discovery over the last 18 months and have learned heaps thanks to the good folks on here, hence wanting to pay it forward when I find something useful :)

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