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How to take T3 now it's been prescribed

I'm so happy to get a script for t3. My GP is really understanding that I'm not converting. I know I'm lucky to get this so i really hope it will help. The GPs lab wouldn't test ft3 but my endo did and it shows why my results really aren't right!

TSH 0.78 (.35 to 4.5)

FT4 18.4 (11 to 26)

FT3 3.7 (3.9 to 6.8) that's worse that last time even though FT4 had increased when I went for 25mg to 50mg of levo

So I'm being left on 50mg Levo and adding 10 mg t3. I'm not sure how to take it. I take levo on an empty stomach in the morning, iron at lunchtime and all the other supplements (selenium, magnesium, d3, k2, calcium) after my evening meal. I also take B complex and b12 although my level shot up from 300 to 1149 so I don't take as much now.

Please can anyone advise when I should take the t3? I seen to take so much but I'm trying to get well enough to work full time ☺

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Greentrees1 Take it at the same time as your Levo to start with see how that goes. You may need to experiment. Treat the same as Levo for timing with food and supplements.

It might be best to just start with 5mcg for a week or so then increase to 10. You might want to split your dose and take the second one in the afternoon, the evening or bedtime you'll have to see what is best for you.

I was splitting my dose but timing wasn't easy so I switched to taking it all at once with my Levo before I get up, made no difference to me and much easier to fit everything in. That doesn't suit everyone though, some need split doses.


Thanks. I'll try that. I was worried 10 mg might be too high. Splitting the 20mg pill into 4 equal sizes could be a challenge! I don't sleep well and now have low pulse so I thought it best to avoid taking it at night. I'll do 5mg in the morning for a week then add 5mg in the afternoon if it goes well.


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