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My lab results

Now ive getting my last lab very interesting what they tell about them.i can see no problems only the tryglyceride level is high. .ill need to take my thyroxine further with 50 microgrammes and the next test i should do in autumn.

thats the results from january:

cholesterine 166

tryglyceride 278

free t4 15.7

TSH 3.54

TSH Rec AK <0.30


Thanks for your suggests and hoping i can learn much more.

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Anne80 Can you please add the reference ranges, numbers on their own are meaningless and members won't be able to make any useful comments other than your TSH is high for a treated hypo patient, most feel best when TSH is 1 or below with FT4 in the upper part of it's range.


allright susie ll need to put the references into my post thanks a lot!


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