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Nutri thyroid out of stock

Nutri thyroid out of stock


I cannot buy any Nutri thyroid products, they are out of stock everywhere I look & I really rely on them.

Does anyone know of another source of a similar product? I take Nutri thyroid which helps me so much as the doctor won't prescribe me anything even though I had half my thyroid removed 11 years ago & my health was suffering as a result.

Thanks in advance

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I am in the states and the two best whole glandular products that are commonly used here in lieu of prescription thyroid products is Thyro Gold and Nutri-Meds, links below. They may have outlets/vendors/providers in the UK... just don't know. Maybe check them out? Their only offering now is the bovine product since the porcine (pig) is hard to come by now. Maybe that is what has happened to your product?

A lot of folks who post on the STTM website swear by these products and have had good luck with them in treating their hypo thyroid symptoms.

*** Edit.... I looked up your product and it is not a whole glandular so please ignore my comments and links. Your product is something that supports thyroid function and seems

to be a good one at that. :)


Thank you for your reply - it seems everywhere is out of stock for the product I normally take


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